6 Tips for Sensitive Skin

Skin often pink or flushed, tight, itchy or inflamed, *especially* when it comes into contact with a new product, hot water, a new food, the weather? Yep you’ve got sensitive skin.

While other skin types are a little bit easier to pin point, sensitive skin can be pretty specific to the individual, although there are some tips you can follow to help keep skin as calm, cool & collected as possible. Time for a little more TLC + some tips on how to prevent those pesky reactions with our 6 tips for sensitive skin - from water to temperatures to skincare products for sensitive skin, let's get into it... 

TIP 1: Be cautious
Don’t introduce an entirely new skincare routine all in one go. Introduce new products one at a time & do patch testing (which means applying to a small part of your face) to see if your skin reacts before committing to the full refresh of your routine.

TIP 2: Shower in lukewarm water
We love a scorching hot shower as much as the next person, but piping hot water is *not* good for you skin, especially if it leans on the sensitive side. Stripping skin of its natural oils, it can make sensitive or dry skin a *liiittle* bit angry, so instead go for a lukewarm shower instead.  

TIP 3: Stay inside (or keep it shady)
So, we’ve probably all had enough of staying inside by now, so we get it, you’re looking forward to basking in the sun this summer (us too.) Buut you’ve got to wear SPF, and if your skin is easily irritated staying in the shade, limiting your house in the sun, and staying vigilant with your SPF application is going to keep sensitive skin safe.

TIP 4: Be gentle
Anyone else a bit heavy handed? Removing makeup, cleansing your face, or even simply drying skin post-cleanse can make sensitive skin red + irritated. Take a gentle hand & if you’re a makeup wearer, go for something oil based to help melt that makeup away, without the rubbing.

TIP 5: Hydrate inside & out
 Hydrating inside and out is key to dealing with sensitive skin, helping it to keep calm and your moisture barrier healthy (the outermost later of the skin which helps keep the good stuff in, and the bad stuff out.) Drink plenty of water and moisturise twice a day to keep skin strong, healthy and glowy. For sensitive skin, we like the Calm & Soothe Cool Whip Moisturiser with Hemp & Jojoba.  

TIP 6: Go for skincare for sensitive skin
Go for skincare that’s *made for* your sensitive skin. Look for soothing ingredients like hemp and shea butter, jojoba and sweet almond oils.  Go for gentle products that are going to care for your skin without stripping them (we might be biased but we'd go for our Calm & Soothe Range if we were you...)